Our Doulas

Why should you choose one of our doulas?

You can feel confident in choosing a certified doula who will handle your needs in a professional, responsible, and ethical manner. Spokane Professional Doula Association (SPDA) doulas adhere to a scope of practice and code of ethics that ensures you can trust the support you are given. Our doulas receive mentorship, continuing education, professional support, and shared community resources through our organization.  Varying in backgrounds, training, and experience levels, you are sure to find the perfect doula for your birth team. Our doulas share the same mission in caring for families regardless of the individual choices you make, the type of birth you have, or the parenting philosophy you adopt.  Our only goal is to support you in a way that leaves you feeling cared for, validated, and confident in the decisions you make.

Questions to ask a doula?



Certifying Doula

Certifying doulas have completed a nationally recognized training course and are working towards the completion of their certification requirements. As they are fulfilling their required childbirth education, breastfeeding education, and evaluated birth attendance, they receive mentorship from one of our certified doula.

Certified Doula

SPDA certified doulas are professionally trained doulas that are skilled in helping expecting parents have the best possible experience in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  They have completed an in-person training, a doula training course, childbirth education, breastfeeding education, and evaluated birth attendance. They maintain their credentials by pursuing continuing education and keeping in good standing with their certifying organization.

Please see our birth and postpartum doula pages to hire your doula.

SPDA is not a doula certifying agency. In good faith we will do our best to verify the doula credentials and training of our members, but we urge consumers to check into the many other certifications, training and services provided by our members. Every doula certifying agency has slightly different training programs and educational requirements, but all of our members adhere to DONAs Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics.