Hiring a doula

A doula is an investment that will help you have a positive experience and support for pregnancy, birth, postpartum and other reproductive experiences and outcomes. SPDA doula work independently; after you submit your doula request form you will be sent the names and contact information for available SPDA doulas directly to you. We suggest interviewing more than one doula and hiring the one who is the best fit for you.

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Research on Doulas (PDF)

A comprehensive Cochran review of more than 20 trials published found that women who had continuous care during childbirth were more likely to have spontaneous birth without a C-section or use of instruments including vacuum or forceps; less likely to use pain medications; more likely to have slightly shorter deliveries; and more likely to say they were satisfied with their birth experience after the fact.

Questions to ask a doula?

What to ask a doula (PDF)

How to hire a doula